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Direct Mail

After the printing, finishing and enclosing the largest part of the job is done. But an essential part of the process still remains, correctly delivering the material to the postal carrier.

Galahad maintains a network of national and international postal carriers and has specially negotiated high volume rates with PostNL for international mailings. The team has extensive experience in correctly packaging and delivering direct mail ensuring postal carrier delivers your mail in the fastest most efficient manner.

We can take a close look at your postal costs, comparing them to our industry wide bench mark to ensure you are getting the best cost possible for your deliveries. Saving your budget for other projects or sending higher volumes of mail. Costs can often also be reduced by taking a critical look at service agreements.

Galahad has at its disposal various transportation methods as well as a large network of transportation suppliers both nationally and internationally.

  • Contact with national and international postal agencies.
  • Specially negotiated high volume rates with PostNL for international mailings
  • Expertise in the packaging and delivering of direct mail to the postal carriers.
  • Network of suppliers for transport.

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T - +31 (0)75 617 2459

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