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Print Management

We specialize in the purchasing of marketing communication materials. The lion’s share of this is used in direct marketing campaigns.

We have trained professionals to help manage and structure the process of creating and buying marketing communication materials as well as provide insight into the total cost of you marketing campaigns.

Galahad works closely with an array of suppliers across Europe in addition to our own print and finishing capabilities. This suppliers include, for instance, printers, finishers, lettershops, producers of Point of Sale material and corporate gifts. This allow us to always find the right partner for whatever campaign you plan. Priorities can vary per campaign and customer: Quality, speed to market or value for money (choose two). Or maybe sustainability? No matter what the goal we find the right partners to create the perfect mix of orders to make the most efficient use of your marketing budget.

  • Professional management of marketing materials
  • Structuring the process
  • Network of European suppliers, including printers and finishing capabilities
  • Combining orders for the best possible pricing
  • Maximizing your marketing budget
  • High quality, low price or speed of delivery, choose two

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T - +31 (0)75 617 2459

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